I’ve always enjoyed a drink (or 10). Whether that be a glass of wine with dinner or a bottle shared with friends. I’m not overly fussy about what I drink as long as it’s not red wine or chardonnay oh and it has to be decent vodka.

What I find difficult is to differentiate between the times I am drinking for fun and the times I just want to get wasted and forget everything. I feel that perhaps my drinking lately has fallen mostly into the latter category. I should know better than to drink when my mood is already low but I’m not good at doing the right things. The other problem is that I don’t seem to know when to stop and if anyone suggests another one I’ll be the first to agree.

So, on that note, I am considering doing a month sober. I have already found a way to rule out October by way of a colleagues leaving do which I “can’t” not drink at.

Maybe november…


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