Just an idiot

Sometimes I surprise even myself with my stupidity.

It’s Trustee week, I have known this for months. I had planned things to do. Our Young Trustees were going to organise to buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts at their discounted price and sell them around uni and work for a profit. There is a pub quiz on Sunday. I needed to ensure I was posting on FB & Twitter about it being Trustee week.

But because I am a useless idiot, I only realised it is Trustee week this week about 2 hours ago. I haven’t facilitated the Kris[y Kreme venture and now I think about it, I am not even sure it’s doable due to the money needed up front. The quiz is organised but I have no idea how many people are coming. I need to create answer sheets and do several other things before Sunday – I should already have done this but I haven’t.

What have I done? I have wallowed in my own fucking misery for the last 10 days, forgetting about anything or anyone else.

Seriously, what a waste of oxygen.


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