Urgent (don’t) Care/Crisis team

Just when you think that you have seen true incompetence from CRHTT, they manage to top it.

I was discharged from hospital into their care on Tuesday. To their credit, they rang me that evening to arrange a visit for Wednesday, between 5 and 8pm I was told. They turned up at 4pm which was fine as I was in. A morning visit was arranged for Thursday (10am to 1pm slot). It was a guy I really liked so all good. We agreed they’d come yesterday morning (10am to 1pm). So I get in the shower at 9.20 and get out 10 minutes later to 3 missed calls from them and 2 voicemails. They had been outside, waited for about 5 minutes then left. I called the office and the team out and about called me back – did I need them to visit. I did but didn’t feel able to say yes. They said they’dcome this afternoon (between 5 and 8pm) and I received a call at 6.15pm from the office – had I had a good day, it was busy right, getting my hair cut. No actually, that was yesterday, I have done fuck all today apart from wait in for them. A visit has now been arranged for tomorrow morning, let’s see what happens.

2 weeks ago, my therapist asked me right down their failings over Christmas….now I really think I will because it’s beyond shit.


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