So, a little about me I guess. I’ve been living with depression and assorted other mental health issues for 14 years now. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder about 8 years ago and have self harmed since I was 17. I also struggle with body image and eating problems – having ranged from anorexia in the past to bingeing and purging and these days, just bingeing. I take meds and remain under the care of the Community Mental Health Team.

I have held down 2 full time office jobs since 2008, although I have had several periods of time off sick. The most recent has been for about 4 months and I am only just going back albeit on a phased return.

I live by myself, have a group of friends and generally function, hence the name of this blog.

Even during my worst times, I manage to function on a basic level. I get up and dressed and most days I leave the house. I guess I am pretty good at convincing both myself and others that everything is ok – or at least, not as bad as it really is. For years now I have self harmed by od’ing on painkillers on a daily basis which “helps” because no one would look at me and think I was self harming.

I suppose I am more than just the illness but at this moment, it doesn’t feel that way.


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